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Vacation Time!

Vacation Time!

by Starr Long - July 31, 2017

Research suggests that taking a vacation is actually good for your health. Did you know that most American workers aren’t taking any vacation time? There are many reasons why we skip on taking time off for ourselves, whether it is work overload or worrying that no one else will be able to fill in while we are gone. Whatever the reason, it’s time to recognize that everyone deserves a little time off and vacations can positively benefit your health and well-being. In addition, taking vacation time can actually make you even better at your job!

Taking that much needed time away from the daily grind has proven to reduce stress and benefit well-being. This is probably one of the main reasons people decide to take a vacation in the first place. Research suggests that after taking time off from work, vacationers have fewer stress-related complaints, such as headaches and backaches. In addition, regularly taking vacation time has proven to decrease one’s risk of suffering from heart attack and heart disease.

Another science-based reason to get away is the positive influence it has on our productivity. It’s true! Vacations have been proven to improve your creativity while also improving your job satisfaction. Unplugging from the daily work expectations, and technological gadgets, for a few days will help you to refresh your brain and allow you to relax and have fun.

So, whether you are contemplating taking that big international trip or simply planning a low-key staycation, treat yourself and take full advantage of your time off. You deserve it!

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