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What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?

by Holly Foreman - April 06, 2017

Between busy schedules and daily activities, dinner plans sometimes get lost in the shuffle. When you don’t have a plan for dinner, it is much easier to drive thru and grab something. We live in a world of ‘too busy’ and ‘it is convenient.”

At the first of the year when I was thinking about a New Year’s Resolution, I tried to think of a small, realistic change I could make in my everyday life. I was going to the grocery store a couple of times a week and having the ‘What’s for Dinner’ debate almost every night.

That is when I decided I was going to start meal planning on a weekly basis. If you know me, you know that I am definitely a planner… so this made perfect sense. I wrote the goal down on a bulletin board that I see every day, so it would be a constant reminder to take time to make the weekly menu each week.

I work on the menu each Sunday afternoon and I have found it to have many benefits!
1. By making the menu on a weekly basis, I make my grocery list based on the menu… and ta da… I now have my grocery list for the week.
2. I save time every night of the week because I already have a plan. By spending about 20 minutes on Sunday, I save anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour every night of the week. I don’t have to run to the store to grab the food item I am missing, or stand in the pantry and stare at what I have to try to come up with an idea.
3. It has added variety to our dinners. If it is a quiet Sunday, I can look up new recipes and have a ‘Try It’ night during the week.
4. And best of all, I don’t just run to grab fast food because ‘nothing sounds good at the house.”

From crockpot dinners to trying different salmon recipes, I have really enjoyed meal planning and it has worked at my house. Now that I plan to stick to it, I want to order a fun menu to hang on the refrigerator. That way I can get a little crafty and the menu is posted each week.

My goal is to plan four to five meals each week depending on the weekend schedule. The other two nights are for leftovers or going out to dinner. Yes, I still plan to go out to dinner!

Stay tuned… I plan to start sharing some recipes soon!


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