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Stretch it Out

Stretch it Out

by Holly Foreman - November 28, 2016

I spent the last two weekends working on home improvement projects… scraping ceilings, painting, and deep cleaning.

Now it is Monday morning, I am sitting at my desk and my body is not happy with me. My lower back is sore and I am about to spend the better part of my day sitting, which is not great for the body.

My goal for today is to sit a little less and get up and move around a little bit more.

I stumbled across this stretching video that is perfect for the office because it is quick, and does not require much space or equipment.

All you need is five minutes to complete the seven stretches in the video. These stretches will relieve the pressure on your spine from sitting for a long period of time and serve as a brain break during the workday.

Try this stretching video here!


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