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Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

by Health & Wellness Team - April 26, 2016

Birds singing, flowers blooming, and lots of sunshine means spring is finally here! Spring is my absolute favorite time of year and with the days warming up and getting longer, I can’t wait to ditch the sofa and sweats and get outside. What better way to enjoy the changes happening around us than to immerse ourselves in them. If you need a little more motivation than that, here are 5 ways going outside makes you healthier.

1. Getting outside makes exercise easier.

A study performed at the University of Essex showed that the color green (found on trees, grass, plants, etc.) makes exercise feel easier. Other studies also showed those who exercise outside were more eager to return for a future workout than those who exercise inside.

2. It amps up vitamin D intake.

Vitamin D can be difficult to absorb from food alone, but being outside for a short amount of time (10-15 minutes) can help you get more of the nutrient. Be mindful to wear sunscreen if you will be outside for longer than 10-15 minutes as too much exposure to the sun can increase your risk for developing skin cancer.

3. It can help reduce stress.

There is something about being outside, close to nature, that has a calming effect. Even sitting outside and looking at a garden or going for a leisurely walk can help reduce stress and increase relaxation.

4. The outdoors can make us happy.

Not only does being outside reduce stress levels, it also puts us in a more positive mood. Positivity is contagious so this is even more reason to head outside and enjoy God’s green earth!

Written by: Sarah Tambunga, RN, BSN, Shannon Health & Wellness


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