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Teach Healthier

Teach Healthier

by Health & Wellness Team - August 26, 2015

Are you looking for activities to teach children and students healthy behaviors and get them moving? IT’S TIME TEXAS has created a mobile app to provide these fun activities at your fingertips. The Teach Healthier Mobile App provides hundreds of nutrition and physical activity lessons for all grade levels. It is great for Educators, Instructors, Community Organizations and Families!

Sara Jefferson, the Schools Program Manager for It’s Time Texas, says: “Three thousand Texans have already downloaded Teach Healthier since it launched in December 2014, and they are coming up with incredibly creative ways to incorporate the lessons into physical education classes, classroom lessons, after school programming, and even family engagement activities!”

Join the movement today by taking these 3 steps:
1. Open the Apple App Store or Google Play on your phone or tablet.
2. Search Teach Healthier and download.
3. Create an account by selecting your school or organization, or add your own!

This App is easy to use and FREE for all users, so check out this technology-based resource today.

If you have any questions regarding Teach Healthier, email

Information provided by Sara Jefferson at IT’S TIME TEXAS.


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