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Vacation Hangover

Vacation Hangover

by Holly Foreman - July 01, 2015

Summer is here and vacations are something to look forward to. Vacation, or even a stay-cation, is the perfect way to de-stress, unwind, relax, and sometimes indulge.

Ten days. Four cities. Over 1200 miles traveled. My summer vacation was full of family, friends and fun!

The memories of my vacation could go on and on – I got to unwind by the beach at sunset, attend 2 beautiful weddings, go to a gender reveal party for college roommate that is expecting her first child, and have a close encounter with a monkey!

But, all too soon, it was time load up, drive back, unload, and back to reality.

For me, the realities were – unread emails, unpacking, laundry, back to work, grocery shopping, sleep, more laundry, and more sleep.

When I walked in the door, I dropped my bags and went straight to my couch… The vacation hangover hit me. I had zero motivation to do anything but sit in silence and relax.

Relax? Wasn’t I just on a vacation relaxing?!

Sometimes it is not the easiest thing to get back in the swing of things, but with it being Sunday evening I didn’t have much choice but to jump back into my normal weekly routine. Thankfully, I crashed pretty early on Sunday and woke up (mostly) refreshed and ready to start my week – minus the fact that I only unpacked the necessary items I needed to get ready Monday morning.

I had to remind myself to ease back into things and start with the easy tasks, especially not to be overwhelmed by the number of unread emails. One email at a time, one task at a time, and one response at a time.

Now that is mid-week I have unpacked, almost finished the many loads of laundry, cleaned up my email, and uploaded some of my favorite photos from vacation!

As much as I would like to look forward to the next vacation, it’s time to look forward to the things happening around me. Vacations are full of excitement but so are the little joys in everyday life!


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