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A Sugary Secret

A Sugary Secret

by Holly Foreman - May 28, 2015

Experts say nutrition is the key to a healthy lifestyle. It can lower the risk of disease and improve your overall health. Yes, this is VERY true. But, do you ever get bogged down with the complexities of nutrition?

We hear things like: “It’s sugar-free, it must be better for me.”

Well, here is a fun fact: Sugar is everywhere.

Wow! Who knew sugar is what makes the crust of bread golden brown?! Understanding sugar alone can be like learning a new language.

While I cannot put an end to all the debates, I do believe there are ways to be more mindful of our food choices to make an informed choice about what we eat.

Personally, I am a fan of snacks. Have you ever seen the “Grab a Snickers” commercial? This is a not-so-healthy example of how snacking has its benefits. But, healthy snacking really does have benefits!

Snacks impact your health by making up a portion of your daily intake. There are two choices when it comes to snacking: junk food, which could lead to weight gain and possible health problems, or healthy snacks!

Healthy snacks can regulate your mood, curb cravings, boost brain power and provide you energy for the day.

Some people think energy drinks or sugary snacks can boost energy; however, sugary snacks lead to a sugar high followed by an energy crash. Yes, the quick sugar rush seems beneficial, but the energy crash that quickly follows is definitely not worth it. Instead, healthy snacks are known for sustaining blood sugar levels and energy which leads to less fluctuation throughout the day. This is more ideal because the energy is more sustaining and does not end with a crash.

Next time you reach for a snack, check the label to see how many forms of sugar are hiding in the nutrition label. You might be surprised by what you see.

Find healthy snacks you enjoy that aren’t trying to play hide and seek with you. Always be prepared and have snacks readily available when hunger strikes. That way you are less likely to raid the candy jar or pick up the closest sugar-laden treat!


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