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What's in Your Easter Eggs?

What's in Your Easter Eggs?

by Holly Foreman - April 01, 2015

This past weekend I took my niece and nephew to an Easter egg hunt in a neighborhood park. It was a great event and very organized. All the children hunted eggs with other kids in their age group. My niece is 2 years old, so she was in the 0-3 age group.

After she filled her basket with eggs and took her photo with the Easter Bunny, we loaded up in the stroller and walked home. On our way to the house, she had me open her eggs one at a time. She was very curious what was in each of the eggs. I am pretty sure she was in search of… CANDY! However, much to my surprise all of her eggs were filled with non-food items! No sugar-laden treats were in sight!

What?? No Candy??

Food (particularly candy) has become the focal point for holidays year round. Check out this infographic about America’s sweet tooth!

Now you might be thinking… “How will I ever fill all of the eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt!?!”

While only so many things can fit into Easter eggs because of their size, here are some ideas for your Easter Egg Hunt.
1. Fill some eggs with money. I remember growing up when we had some eggs with quarters, and a few special eggs had dollar bills.
2. Turn your Easter Egg Hunt into a scavenger hunt. Instead of Easter eggs filled with goodies, put clues in the Easter eggs where the clues lead them to an Easter basket of goodies.
3. Put a few puzzle pieces into each egg. Once all the eggs are found, you can complete the puzzle.
4. Include a few kid “coupons” in the eggs. The coupons could include fun activities, extra free time or no chores for a day.
5. Use bigger plastic eggs. The bigger eggs are more likely to hold non-food items. You could use these eggs for toys, sidewalk chalk, crayons, bubbles, etc.

I am not suggesting spending a bunch of extra money or buying lots of cheap plastic toys that will just create clutter in your house or choking hazards for your small children. My goal is to help you think outside the box to include more into your day than just jellybeans and chocolate bunnies.

Have a unique twist on your family Easter Egg Hunt? Share it in the comments below!

Hope you all have a Happy Easter!


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