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Don't Weight to Get Started

Don't Weight to Get Started

by September Summers - January 08, 2015

It’s a New Year and everyone is looking for some quick ways to get a “New You,” and it’s honestly easier than you think.

I worked as a Personal Trainer for about 15 years before coming to Health and Wellness at Shannon and I still like to keep up with the latest and greatest training fads. Much has changed since I last “trained a client” over 6 years ago, but some things will never change. That’s why I’ve compiled a few words of wisdom I believe are still true about training.

1. Strength training will NOT turn you into the HULK! So many times while training mostly the female gender, I would hear, “I just don’t want to get so big I can’t wear my skinny jeans anymore.” You can lift enough weight to gain strength and shape your body without getting stockier. You just have to lift correctly and, more importantly, pay attention to your diet. Muscle by virtue of scientific evidence is more compact than fat. Thus, more muscle will just make you tighter and smaller while a higher muscle to fat ratio will also help you burn off those extra pounds. Short answer: Lifting appropriate amounts of weight and adding lots of body weight moves such as planks, squats and pushups will just make you look and feel better. Leave the heavy lifting and 3 rep max squats to the body builder and you will be enjoying the benefits and added energy a strong body has to offer.

2. NO, strength training isn’t dangerous. You will not hurt your knees, back, or any other body part for that matter, if you do it correctly. Take note: Done “correctly” means if you don’t know how to do a specific lift ask a trainer and practice doing your lifts with small amounts of weights until your form is correct.

3. YES, strength training will help you perform better in any sport. Whether you are a weekend warrior or actually play a sport for school, fun or professionally you must have a
strong base to stay off the injured list. I trained a lot of clients who enjoyed weekend races from 5K’s to triathlons and adventure races like the Spartan, Mud Run, etc. Even though those are primarily endurance type racing, having a strong body will make it easier to finish strong even when you think you have exhausted your last drop of glucose. Runners take note, you need strong quads and hamstrings to support those knee joints and not be sidelined by an injury. So, find time for the gym or be sure to add some strength moves into your weekly training sessions.

4. Last, but not at all the least, of the benefits you will gain from having a strong body is self esteem. Once you have mastered pushing your body past limits you didn’t think you could break, and see the transformation your body takes while making you feel better and stand stronger, you will also enjoy having a more efficient fat? burning machine (i.e. metabolism). And, not to mention, a strong body just looks great.

As always, if you have never done any type of weight workout or haven’t exercised recently, it is always a good idea to check with your family physician to be sure you are healthy enough for exercise. Have fun and kick off the New Year with a healthier you.


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