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Keep Dinner Social

Keep Dinner Social

by Holly Foreman - December 11, 2014

22 hours per day.

150 times a day.

Those are two statistics about cell phone usage.

Research states people ages 18-44 have their smartphones with them 22 hours a day and cell phone users checks their phone 150 times a day.

Think about your day – how many times do you check your phone, even if it is just for the time?

We are sometimes more connected to our phones than the people around us.

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy people watching. Anytime I look around a public place, it is amazing to me how many people are buried in their smartphones… especially at restaurants!

So, that encouraged me to try an experiment…

Back in November, I met 8 college friends in Denver for a girl’s weekend. My friend that planned the trip had planned some great places to eat and some of us had not seen each other in months. We enjoyed a long weekend full of activities, catching up, an Aggie football game and great food.

One night at dinner, we decided to play a game. The purpose of the game was to have zero phone use while at the table. When we all sat down, we stacked our phones in the middle of the table. If for any reason someone grabbed their phone during the meal, they had to pay the bill. I have to tell you – we got into a conversation about a painting on the wall and I have never laughed so hard in my life. We were all engaged in conversation, laughing hysterically and enjoying each other’s company. Needless to say, all of our phones stayed in the stack during the entire meal until we all received our individual bills. Don’t worry – after we paid our bills and removed our phones from the stack, we did take a group photo and it was posted to Facebook and Instagram!

I challenge you to try this game with friends or family to keep dinner social.

How to play: Stack all of your phones in the center of the table. There might be calls, texts and alerts sound during dinner but you cannot pick up your phone. If someone gives in to temptation and picks up their phone, they have to pay the entire bill. If all the phones stay in the stack, everyone pays their own bill.

The truth is – there is more to life than texting and social media. It is okay if we do not immediately respond to a text message or be the first person to like a status on Facebook!


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