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Give Thanks

Give Thanks

by Holly Foreman - November 24, 2014

I was at a luncheon last week and Christmas décor was in full effect… 10 days BEFORE Thanksgiving! Don’t get me wrong, the holidays are my favorite time of year, but it seems like people are skipping right over Thanksgiving and moving straight to Christmas. So let’s take a step back and focus on Thanksgiving to jumpstart our mindset for the holiday season.

What comes to your mind when you think of Thanksgiving?

Turkey and dressing?

Pumpkin pie?

Thanksgiving Day Parade?


Black Friday shopping?

What about family time and giving thanks?

These are two important components of the holidays that sometimes get lost in the meal, activities and things to do.

I don’t know about you, but our family plans usually revolve around football because my brother-in-law is a high school football coach and I have spent a few Thanksgiving’s in College Station at Aggie football games.

Then there is my sister that is an avid shopper, so Black Friday shopping is usually on our to-do list too!

As much as my family enjoys football, we cannot allow it to control our plans and impact our family time. We must be intentional with our plans to make time for one another in the middle of football practice, football games, traveling, shopping and everything else planned for the holiday weekend.

Now that the holidays are here, we must remember – Thanksgiving is not just a day, but a season.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving with cherished traditions or try something new, be intentional, be mindful, and be thankful!


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