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It's Fresh. It's Here.

It's Fresh. It's Here.

by September Summers - November 20, 2014

My favorite thing to do when I travel is check out the local markets. I believe this is a great way to experience and truly get a taste of the culture and environment of the area I am visiting. Smaller markets usually cater to the locals, so you can get an honest feel for what that town, city, or region has to offer.

It all started when I was a child traveling with my parents. My father enjoyed people watching as much as he enjoyed good, healthy food so we would always make a trip to the local store or market while on vacation. We would take a basket and stroll through the store aisle by aisle. Not only would we check out the produce, local cheeses, and, most importantly, the bakery (my dad gave me my sweet tooth); but we would also watch the people and, on more than one occasion, we made a few new friends. There is definitely something about a small, quaint market that lends itself to making new friends; and these new friends are usually more than happy to visit and make restaurant suggestions for your next meal. So, now you know how my obsession with unique food markets began.

Today, having lived in San Angelo for 30 plus years, I truly miss the local market/grocery store atmosphere and shopping experience. The running joke at my house when we travel is never about what retail store or mall we are going to visit, but what grocery store experience we will have. I never travel without a cooler to be sure that I can bring some of my local finds home. I am always prepared.

You can only imagine my surprise and excitement when I learned of Green’s Grocery and Cafe opening in San Angelo. They not only offer a unique experience in shopping but they sell locally grown produce and meats. The Café has daily specials and the bakery is always fresh and baked from scratch. My husband likes to joke that I am now an easy date, because I never want to go to a restaurant for dinner.

Now I can, on a daily basis (and yes I shop almost daily), pick up fresh produce, local meats and cheeses, wines from all over the world, and made from scratch bakery goodies at Green’s Grocery and Cafe. Since the opening of Green’s, the question “What should we do for dinner?” only has two answers: either picking up a “heat and eat” made by the chef at Green’s or going to their cafe or outside patio (where I can enjoy the outdoor fire pit and waterfall). We can eat dinner, enjoy a glass of wine or tap craft beer, then pick up a few items to take home. It is the perfect venue for a quick bite to eat with my husband or a longer catch up with girlfriends over a bottle (or two) of wine.

If you haven’t checked the store out yet, then you must go soon. I promise there will be something for everyone and that you will have that unique shopping experience that San Angelo has been waiting for for so long. Oh, and yes there will always be a few locals hanging around eager for conversation.


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