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Take a Bite for Good Health

Take a Bite for Good Health

by Health & Wellness Team - October 23, 2014

No, it’s not hype: Apples really can help keep doctors away. That’s because they’re packed with powerful plant chemicals and other substances that fight disease.

Those plant chemicals—including one called quercetin—can help prevent cancer from ever developing. They may even kill off existing cancer cells. Studies of people show that eating one or more apples daily may lower your risk of lung and colon cancers. Lab studies also suggest that apples may suppress the growth of cancerous breast tumors.

What’s more, a single apple has at least 10 percent of the vitamin C and fiber you need every day. That vitamin C helps protect you from infection. And that fiber may help prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol.

Are you trying to trim down? Then bite into an apple. A small one has a mere 75 calories. And its fiber can help you feel full.

Treat yourself

So indulge. Enjoy the taste of crisp, juicy apples. Eat them raw and with their peels—where most of their fiber is found. Or try:

• Adding chopped apples to fruit and vegetable salads for extra crunch and sweetness.

• Baking or stewing apples with carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash and other veggies.

• Stuffing cored apples with raisins and cinnamon for a quick dessert. Top with a tablespoon of cider, cover with waxed paper and microwave each apple for two minutes.

Apple basics

Choose firm, smooth-skinned apples with intact stems. With more than 100 varieties to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. But keep in mind that some apples—including Granny Smith, Pippin and Jonagold—hold their texture better than others when baked.

After you buy apples, refrigerate them in a plastic bag and use them within three weeks. But given their taste and merits, you’ll probably eat them much sooner.

Try this recipe that incorporates apples into a savory dish good for lunch or dinner!

Turkey, spinach and apple wrap

1 tablespoon reduced-fat mayonnaise
2 teaspoons honey mustard
2 whole-wheat lavash wraps or flour tortillas
2 cups (washed and dried) baby spinach leaves, loosely packed, or 2 large leaves of a soft, leafy green lettuce
4 thin slices turkey breast (4 ounces)
¼ Granny Smith apple, sliced paper-thin

• Combine mayonnaise and mustard. Lay out both wraps. Spread the edges of each with the mayonnaise mixture.
• Leaving a margin free on the side closest to you, arrange a layer of greens on top of wraps. Top each layer with half the turkey. Evenly divide apple slices and lay lengthwise across turkey.
• Fold over the end of the wrap closest to you, then the two sides. Roll the wrap as tightly as possible toward the opposite side.
• Cover each wrap tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate, seam side down, up to 4 hours before serving.
• When ready to serve, remove plastic wrap and cut each wrap in half at an angle.

Nutrition information
Makes 2 wraps, or 2 servings. Amount per serving: 260 calories, 6g total fat, 1g saturated fat, 28g carbohydrates, 22g protein, 3g dietary fiber, 444mg sodium.

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