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Hat Trick

Hat Trick

by Sam Allen - July 10, 2014

According to Wikipedia, the term “Hat Trick” originally came from the sport of cricket. It was first used in 1858 in to describe the bowler H.H. Stephenson’s feat of taking three wickets with three consecutive deliveries. A collection was held for Stephenson, and he was presented with a hat bought with the proceeds. Wow! Incredible! Stupendous! Simply unbelievable!!

What’s a wicket?!?

In the states, the term has come to mean three consecutive sports achievements in a game or series, such as:

Soccer – Three goals in one game.
Hockey – Three goals in one match.
Baseball – Three home runs in one game, or three unassisted outs in one inning.
Auto Racing – Three successive wins or winning the same race three times in a row.
Scrabble – Three consecutive bingos.
Poker – Eliminating three players in one hand.
Marbles – Hitting all the marbles in a single turn.

Well, San Angelo, get ready for the Concho Valley Hat Trick, which consists of finishing the Nasworthy Triathlon, the Goodfellow Triathlon, and the Olympic distance of the San Angelo Triathlon in one season! Thanks to nearly a foot of rain in May, Lake Nasworthy is full and local triathletes are eager to race.

The first event in the series is the Nasworthy Triathlon coming up on Sunday, July 13, followed by the Goodfellow Triathon on Saturday, July 26. The third event is The San Angelo Triathlon on Sunday, August 10th.

Although this is the first year for the San Angelo Triathlon, the event owes much to the famous and long standing Wool Capital Triathlon which was last held in August of 2012 after 25 years. The Wool Capital was billed as the oldest Olympic distance triathlon in the Southwest. This year the venue has been moved across the Middle Concho River to San Angelo’s Spring Creek Park (same location as the Spring Creek Marina), but the weekend and the race distances remain the same.

The rules of triathlon are simple – swim smart, bike hard, and run strong. I say we leave cricket to the British.


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