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Get Moving!

Get Moving!

by Holly Foreman - June 03, 2014

Whether it is taking a family walk after dinner or walking a few laps up and down the hall at the office, everyone could move a little more throughout the day.

The word “EXERCISE” sometimes intimidates people because they think they must start training like an athlete to be more active. That is not the case!

We have to recognize moving more just means using energy, using energy means burning calories, and burning calories means living healthier.

Our motto: “Small bursts of activity add up.”

How can you fit in small bursts of activity throughout your day?

• Instead of picking up your smartphone or sitting in the break room on your breaks at work, go take a lap or two around the parking lot and enjoy some fresh air.

• When you are looking for a parking spot at the store park farther away from the door, rather than spending ten minutes circling the parking lot for the closest spot.

• Do you have a favorite television show? Next time you watch it, get up and move during all the commercials!

As we become more mindful about being active, we will make more time for exercise in our daily routines. We need to increase the amount of time we are up and moving, and decrease the amount of time we are sitting and being sedentary.

Being active has a long list of benefits. Not only is it good for our waistlines, but it strengthens our muscles and bones, relieves stress, improves sleep, decreases the risk of developing chronic disease and makes us feel good!

For improved health benefits and recommendations, check out Physical Activity for Everyone from the CDC.

Just remember, it doesn’t even have to be a continuous activity because… small bursts of activity add up!


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