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Think About It

Think About It

by Holly Foreman - April 11, 2014

When you hear “I want to get fit,” or “I exercise 3 times a week,” it is a common assumption that these people are exercising from the neck down.

What about our brains?

The brain plays a critical role in pretty much any and everything we do. We think, feel, remember, forget, work, play, sleep and more.

We must remember to maintain an active brain as part of our healthy lifestyle, especially as we age.

Just like stretching and flexibility, the brain can begin to deteriorate and lose agility.

We have to maintain control of as many factors as we can because there are some uncontrollable factors that are out of our hands as we age. We cannot control our age, gender, genes or our family history.

But the good news is, there are many things we can control. The choices we make contribute to our lifestyle and health.

We must incorporate healthy habits to stay mentally active just like healthy habits contribute to a healthy body.

Here are some tips to help you stay mentally active:
• Be physically active.
Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
• Learn new things.
• Maintain relationships.
• Communicate with others.
• Read a book.
• Play thinking games. Lumosity and Games for the Brain are great resources.

Keeping an active body is crucial if you want an active mind.

By incorporating brain healthy choices, not only will you boost your brain power, but you will live a healthier lifestyle for the whole body!


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