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Healthy Balance, Healthier You

Healthy Balance, Healthier You

by Holly Foreman - December 10, 2013

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness is more than just eating right and exercising regularly. Wellness includes the whole self and can include a list of healthy behaviors that lead to living well.

Living a healthy lifestyle can seem overwhelming for some when you start talking about each of the healthy behaviors. When you think about it, healthy behaviors encompass everything about your day.

Let’s pretend our wellness is like a puzzle. It takes time and effort. It is important to have all the pieces for the puzzle to be complete. A table or flat surface is needed to complete the puzzle. And in some cases, the puzzle pieces might be different shapes and sizes.

Individual puzzles may vary, but the components of wellness stay the same, including:
• Maintaining your health
• Getting enough sleep
• Healthy eating
• Exercising regularly
• Maintaining relationships
• Personal time
• Stress management
• Work or school

You must choose to make wellness a priority to find a way to piece your puzzle together. Having a foundation of healthy balance will lead to a healthier you.

Don’t skip out on living healthier because you think it will take a lot of time planning and preparing. By assessing what works best for you, living healthy will take less planning time because it will become part of your everyday routine.

The most important part of a healthy lifestyle is life balance. That means being able to leave work at the scheduled time, having a sleep routine and sticking to it, and making sure you have planned time for yourself, friends and family.

Find your balance to fit it all in. The more proactive you become with your time, the more balance and productivity you will have in your life.


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