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Why Does My Employer Care About Wellness?

Why Does My Employer Care About Wellness?

by Archie Kountz - November 15, 2013

Do you hear the term “wellness” where you work? Is there a wellness plan or program run by someone you think is just a little too enthusiastic? Do they ask, or even require you to take some sort of health assessment? Well, if they don’t, they probably will at some point. And if you understand exactly what the benefits can be, you might even come to see it as a good thing your employer is doing for you!

In the rapidly changing arena of health care, wellness is one of the few places where you can affect the cost of your insurance while actually changing your health outlook for the future. What you may not want to hear, is that it takes effort on your part to make the changes. Admittedly, I would rather take a pill, or maybe even have an operation, if it would yield the same results with less effort. However, this is not how wellness programs are designed to work— and that’s OK.

A wellness program, coupled with a Health Risk Assessment, can help you learn about issues that are waiting to deliver a knockout punch to your health. Issues like high cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides, blood pressure or combinations of them all can change your life and cost you and your insurance provider huge amounts of money. And, none of them make you feel bad until they are ready to deliver that punch.

This is where the effort part comes in. If you know there is a problem, you can arrest, and even reverse it, before it’s too late. This is why employers are requiring employees to be assessed. It can also save them money on their health insurance plans. But, only seeing an employer saving money is missing the personal benefit. If you are given a chance to assess your own wellness, you should take advantage of it. Then, you can take your health future into your own hands and maybe avoid that pill or operation, because we all know what the better choice is!


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