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Don’t Stash It, Trash It.

Don’t Stash It, Trash It.

by Crystal Conner - October 30, 2013

Every year around Halloween I go through a moral dilemma. It’s not a battle between my Christian faith and the fact that Halloween began as a pagan holiday (already worked through that one). It’s not about whether or not I am going to let my kids pick out their costumes. It’s not even deciding which fall festival, trunk or treat, or costume party I’m going to have to pass on this year. My dilemma, the one making my heart race, is over the sugary satan, the devily delicious, pure glucose that runs through my veins— Halloween Candy!

For instance, some thoughts that run through my head are:
• When do I start buying it? (You know my supply always runs out before October 31).
• What kind should I get? (Is it better to buy chocolate because it has some nutritional value?)
• How much do I need? (Let’s see, I’ll need it for both kids’ schools, then there is the church event, then the neighborhood kids…)

I feel guilty because I work in Health and Wellness! I know the lies the candy tells me, pretending to bring me joy when, in reality, it’s just a short fix that will leave me unsatisfied in an hour.

We spend $2 to $4 billion a year on Halloween candy consumption. That is crazy scary! And that doesn’t even account for the dental bills we incur as a result. I’m no Health and Wellness Saint, but I know moderation is key, and there is nothing moderate about $2 billion in sugar highs.

This year I go into Halloween with my eyes wide open.

Minimal candy purchases. Less focus on the goodies and more focus on the little goblins. And I’ll have water in tow for rinsing the sweetness away before it turns into an oral acid bath—and hence, more dental bills.

And on November 1, the candy surplus will go in the trash.

No tricks for those treats.

Won’t you join me and do the same?




October 30, 2013

Thank you for info may the lord Jesus guide us how we walk amen

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