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Is Technology Taking Over Your Fitness?

Is Technology Taking Over Your Fitness?

by September Summers - October 08, 2013

Hello, my name is September and I am a self tracker!

Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Therefore, I wear a Jawbone Up Band to track and examine all my daily health habits. I mean really, do I need all this information?

What started out as a toy and a cool bracelet to wear that would grant me insight to my daily habits soon became my new obsession. Tracking how much I moved each day, how many calories I consumed and how well I slept at night was now first on my daily to-do list.

I eagerly wake each morning to see how well I slept and whether I feel rested or not. Sadly, my Up Band is going to determine how I feel that day. Then, since I am a creature of habit, my morning coffee, creamer and bowl of cereal is already logged into my library with serving sizes and calories ready to re-load for another daily total consumed. As the day progresses, I am tasked with loading my nutrition. Truthfully, it would be easier to just eat from a box with a bar code because tracking is just a scan away; however, I know that isn’t the healthiest way to eat. So instead I search and log all my meals and snacks throughout the day. This task is a must if I want to be satisfied with how healthy I have been when I see my total numbers at end of the day.

Next is my favorite, checking my calories consumed against calories burned. Did you know you even burn calories when you are sitting? BONUS! There is always my daily run with Charlie, my Labrador Retriever to track. Wish I could get extra steps or points for pulling her around the neighborhood. My band is also handy and very accurate at tracking my steps throughout the day.

On over load yet? There is even a program on my band that can be set to vibrate and remind me every 30 minutes to get off my back side and walk down the hall or just move and not sit so much.

At the end of the day, I do like to reflect on my progress, so I can scold myself for either consuming too much or moving too little. No matter what my band tells me, I am still a happy camper because I get to press that sleep button as I crawl into bed hoping and praying for it to tell me I got more deep sleep than light sleep the next morning.

If you feel you are as equally obsessive or just like gadgets here are a few you can check out:
• Up Band by Jawbone – $130
• Nike Fuel Band – $150
• Lark’s Larklife – $150
• Fitbit’s Zip – $60

Happy Tracking and beware, tracking can become an addiction!


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