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Zen vs. My Inner Rock Star

Zen vs. My Inner Rock Star

by Becca Brannan, RN - September 13, 2013

Since I was a teenager, I had this quest to master the art of meditation and yoga. As a typical female that worries way too much about way too many things, the thought of quieting my mind through meditation and practicing yoga held great appeal. I have read many articles on the benefits of yoga: stress relief, pain relief, enhanced breathing, improving flexibility & mobility, weight management, cardiovascular benefits, improved strength, inner peace and mindfulness… just to name a few!

Well, I am still on the quest. I have tried repeatedly throughout my teens, twenties and thirties to accomplish this elusive pursuit. I long to be able to get into that mind-body state that brings me calm, peace and balance in a wonderful Zen-like retreat full of feng shui principles. Unfortunately, I have the most difficult time trying to rid myself of mind clutter.

This is how it usually goes in my head…

“Ok focus on your breathing and try to clear your mind of all the worries, thoughts and stress from the day. Ohh man, that rug is really crooked over there (which drives my OCD tendencies nutty). Ignore it! I can’t. Just let me get up and straighten it then I will for sure be able to concentrate. Ok that is much better. Did I pay the cable bill this month or was that last month? I will have to check after this. Did I just hear Micah (my little boy) moving around? I wonder if he needs something…”

You get the idea. My attempts at yoga have had similar hurdles to overcome. I have the best intentions putting on that DVD or looking up a video on YouTube. I usually last a good 10 minutes (maybe) then I just want to blast some Pink and dance around with Micah or hoop it up with my arm hoops or 5 lb weighted hula hoop!

I won’t give up on my quest. And maybe as I enter my forties, this will be the decade that I attain my goal, but I will try not to lose sight of the fact that not everyone is cut out for everything and just maybe dancing to Pink is just as much stress relief as that yoga video!

September is National Yoga Month, so it is the perfect time for me to give it another try. If you are interested in trying it out yourself, there are many resources online including free videos on YouTube. Also check out

What is going on around town?

Many of the yoga instructors and studios around town are offering free yoga classes the week of September 23rd – 28th! You need to be a new student or new to that particular studio/gym to participate. Request your list of participating locations and free yoga card by contacting Stacie Jones with Concho Yoga at 325.370.2942 or by email.

Becca Brannan, RN, B.S. – Exercise Science, ACE certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach, certified SPINNING Instructor

Nurse Navigator – Shannon Health & Wellness


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